Overview and Timeline

I have filed a lawsuit against Best Buy and launched this blog in an effort to bring attention to the reprehensible state of consumer property and privacy protection practices at America's largest consumer electronics retailer, with the hope that it might motivate Best Buy to effect changes and spare future consumers the experience I have been subjected to -- or worse. The short story is that Best Buy and its representatives: 1) allowed my computer to be stolen from the Best Buy store in Tenleytown, Washington, DC, 2) fabricated records and tried to cover up the theft, 3) lied to me for weeks about the repair status of the stolen computer, 4) responded to repeated requests for a theft investigation and compensation with indifference and insults, and 5) demonstrated a company-wide disregard for legal obligations to immediately disclose the theft and notify me of potential exposure to identity theft over the course of the ordeal. Relevant documents and details follow the below timeline.

May 19, 2007: Shortly after I left a 1-year-old laptop with a malfunctioning on-off switch at Best Buy's Tenleytown DC store for repair under a service contract, the computer was stolen -- either by an employee or by someone who managed to abscond unchecked with the laptop from a "secure" area of the store.

June 2007: Efforts to track the computer were met with Geeksquad confirmation that the laptop was "not in the system".

July 2007: July 1, Best Buy's Tenleytown DC store informed me that the computer was "not in the system," provided a new reference number, and instructed me to contact Geeksquad again. July 4, a store employee created a false computer record, and the appearance that the laptop had been processed for repair on that day.

July 9 - August 9, 2007: In response to follow-up inquiries, Geeksquad and Best Buy "Customer Service" employees repeatedly lied about the repair status and location of the phantom computer. After disclosure that there was "no record that the computer ever shipped from the store," the laptop was finally confirmed "missing" on August 9.

August 9 - October 2007: Repeated requests for an investigation and fair compensation (<$5000) were ignored, then addressed with insults and lowball compensation offers. More importantly, Best Buy consistently failed to fulfill legal obligations to immediately advise of potential exposure to identity theft throughout the process.

November 2007: November 16, I filed a major lawsuit, seeking both fair compensation for replacement of the computer, its content, and expenses related to identity theft protection and the lawsuit, and the adoption of adequate measures to ensure customer privacy protection is given the priority it deserves in the future.

December 2007: December 19, I received a copy of a Best Buy lawyer's Motion to Quash Service and Dismiss Complaint. December 20, I sent a response, which was ignored. Independently, Best Buy's corporate counsel sent an offer for $2500 in compensation, with non-disclosure and non-liability provisions and no offer to address the systemic failure in Best Buy's practices, i.e., the main motivation for my lawsuit.

January 2008: January 3, I sent a response to Best Buy Associate Corporate Counsel's settlement "offer." January 4, I filed Opposition to Best Buy Lawyer's Motion to Quash Service and Dismiss Complaint with DC Court. At a pre-trial status hearing on January 25, the Court recommended trying informal negotiations to settle the matter. I advised Best Buy's lawyer that I would drop the suit if Best Buy would provide compensation for my expenses and time and address the shortcomings in its property and privacy protection practices. Best Buy refused. Apparently, Best Buy would rather pay its lawyers to fight me than address the issues raised in my claim.

*Funds received to date total $1110.35, which were unilaterally transferred into my credit card account by Best Buy in late October 2007 -- without my knowledge or consent. The amount does not even cover the full cost of replacing the laptop itself, let alone a fraction of the value of the music, pictures, software, and other contents that were on the stolen computer, legal and court expenses, the cost of identity theft protection services that I am forced to bear for years to come, or compensation for the estimated 200 hours I have spent since May 2007 dealing with Best Buy and its agents, the replacement of my computer and its contents, and pursuing the lawsuit because of Best Buy's indifference towards my initial requests. Best Buy also sent a $500 gift card to me in mid-October 2007 (with no explanation and despite repeated communications that I had no interest in a gift card that would force me to patronize their stores). I subsequently advised them that I would donate it to a non-profit organization unless they requested its return, and did so in December, after not receiving a response.


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Anonymous said...

Way to make a mockery out of the legal system with an excessive suit.

Lawsuits shouldn't be used to make personal statements or grab media attention.

Your suit is worth $20,000, at the very most.

Dave Johnson said...

You signed a waiver stating that if all your data was lost, it wasn't Best Buy's fault. You have no case as far as your data that you did not back up and your software which you must have lost. They offered to replace your laptop with a NEW laptop. Keep getting mad at your dumb mistakes.

My question is this: was it fixed in the store or was it sent out. If sent out, to where? Good chance it wasn't that store's fault.

Chris said...

Go get 'em! You are a consumer hero. I hope you sue the pants off Best Buy and win. They deserve it.

Paul said...

I'm SO behind you on this. I and all 27 members of my extended family have curtailed all of our Best Buy shopping until they pay up for this.

We're praying for you and hope you win in this historical case.

God Bless,

Smeg said...

Nice blow to the groin, keep up the good work.

Best Buy sucks serious ass.

Alex said...

You're only giving ammunition to corporations and corporate defense attorneys by suing for such a ridiculous amount of money. Why not ask for some figure related to, uh, the amount of damage you actually suffered instead of pulling this gigantic, nonsensical number out of the sky? By filing such an inflated claim, you are allowing your own greed and egomania to harm the prospects of people who have legitimate claims. And I'm talking about people who have actually been hurt or killed, been crippled or gotten cancer, not just had some trivial loss of data from a laptop that they never bothered to back up.

You are playing directly into the anti-plaintiff PR machine, whether you realize it or not.

The Convicted said...

How utterly shameful of them! Good for you. It's always reassuring to see people take corporate indifference to task.

God speed!

Sarah said...

Good for you! I have a story that is remarkably similar to yours (bought laptop from BB, gave to them for repairs, never to be seen again - reportedly stolen from their offsite repair shop)... after years of trying to get Best Buy to own up to its mistake - Or even offer me compensation - I gave up. I admire the effort you are putting forth here. It's obviously not about the money as much as making a point.

Kevin said...

I'm sure that you've thought of this already but you should also raise the issue of impropriety among the geek squad, as evidenced by a number of studies including this one by the consumerist: http://consumerist.com/consumer/investigations/video-consumerist-catches-geek-squad-stealing-porn-from-customers-computer-271963.php

You might be able to use that as part of an argument that based upon a previous lawsuit regarding improper business practices within the geek squad, BestBuy had constructive notice that they needed to do a better job monitoring them.

Janice said...

I bet there are lots of people out there with the same situation. Good luck!

Craig & Cindy said...

Somehow my husband found this thread and sent me the link.

Just to let you know, I had an incredibly difficult time getting Best Buy to honor its warranty on my Ipod. I have now boycott them. While my incident was not as egregious an incident as yours. I, too, believe Best Buy really sucks.

Hoping you win,


Anonymous said...

Best Buy's laptops and service are awful. The laptops last for less than 3 years. I sent my laptop for service to repair a battery and explicitly stated in the repair form not to replace the hard drive. They replaced the hard drive. I lost all of my law school outlines and papers because of their complete disregard for following my orders. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.

rcdc said...

To be fair, I've accepted Dave Johnson's post, which raises some good issues -- but contains several factual errors.

1) You are right that such a waiver was supposed to be presented to me as part of the record that was created when I dropped off the computer. In my case, the staff representative who took in the computer failed to do so (in violation of DC law). The document was, in fact, created over a month after I left the computer at the store (after I made an in-person visit that probably alerted them to the fact that the computer was missing), creating the illusion that it had been processed properly. I did not receive the document from the store until early October -- after they admitted it was "missing."

2) I did not lose the computer and its contents as a result of how they repaired the computer, but because the store let the computer be stolen/lost.

3) They never offered to replace the laptop with a NEW computer. They've only reimbursed me for the cost of the originally purchased computer package -- not the cost of replacement.

4) As for where it was repaired -- tt wasn't. Even Best Buy has admitted that "there is no record that it ever shipped from the store." Despite this I was subjected to week after week of lies about the location and status of the phantom computer.

Thank you for helping me make my point.

Anonymous said...

nice work. i started boycotting BB about 10 years ago, when my mother bought me a VCR for christmas on black friday, and when i went to exchange it FOR A MORE EXPENSIVE MODEL after receiving it, i was told the 30 days window on returns had elapsed. it was sealed in box with a BB receipt, but they refused to yield to common sense. so i haven't shopped there ever since. let's face it, BB only makes money by preying on the tech ignorance of normal people. any time i am in a big box store, i want to weep when i overhear the "experts" giving tech advice.

Anonymous said...

You are an absolute idiot.

People like you clog up our legal system and displace time and effort away from actual important cases that need time and effort.

Your lawsuit is frivolous and you should be ashamed of your ignorance and greed.

Mike Cihak said...

I think 54 million is way out of line - we in America are wondering WHY goods and services are costing us more and increase more than the rate of inflation - it's because the rate of worthless lawsuits like this one continue.

Jeff said...

Normally I would be opposed to such ridiculous lawsuits but in this case I am all for you sticking it to Best Buy and wish you the best of luck. Big business needs to be taught a lesson in honesty and customer service. Keep up the fight.

Anonymous said...

I have boycotted Best Buy for my own reasons — this just gives me more reason to bad-mouth Best Buy and hate them even more. Just because they are a Twin Cities giant, they think they can walk all over their customers. I wish they would be forced out of business.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the judge who sued a laundromat b/c they lost his trousers for exactly the same amount of money! 54M...what a coincidence.


I don't have a hard time believing Best Buy mishandled your labtop, but there's no way 54M is a legitimate ask. Curious how you determined that figure.

Anonymous said...

You have a legitimate case, but the $54 million figure is going to irritate a lot of people. This should serve as a warning to everyone: back up your files!

Mike Gordon said...

You're stupid. You should have backed up your data. Accidents and unfortunate mishaps happen every day to people all over the world - get a clue..

Claymore said...

I hate to be a jerk here, but who in their right mind takes their computer to Best Buy for repairs? That's akin to expecting a 4-star meal at McDonald's...it's freakin' Best Buy, the "Wal-Mart" of consumer electronics...pffft.

Jeff said...

I have an idea, why don't you sue me for $108 million worth of pain and suffering when I call you an idiot. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that you got screwed over by Best Buy, you should exercise some common sense on your part. Why did you not backup all of your music and photos? It's just common sense, yet many people don't bother to think about doing it until it's too late.

Like many previous posts have said before me, frivolous lawsuits such as this are clogging up our legal system and causing the price we pay for goods and services to increase.

Take the $1600 plus whatever the latest settlement offered by Best Buy and get back to your own life. No matter what you do, it is not going to change how Best Buy does business.

Anonymous said...

Your story isn't the least bit surprising. I refuse to buy anything from Best Buy I can't afford to throw out if/when it breaks. Their customer service sucks!

Maybe that's just the Houston area Best Buys though.

Mr. Levity said...

What did you have on that computer that makes it worth $54M, a load of Visa card #'s with matching PINs?

I have no love for BB and don't shop there myself, but I hope they slap you down big time.

ben said...

Seriously?! Where do you get $54 million for $1100 laptop. Yes they screwed up, yes there is a flaw. Report them to the better business bureau and move on. All these people saying Good Job/Go get'em have no clue what they are suggesting. Give me a break the others are right...You and your type are driving up cost, clogging legal systems with BS. You are the reason people but warning sticks on everything. "Don't stick head in plastic bag....Suffication can result in death" You're friggin' idiot for wasting the judicial systems time. Get over yourself!

Anonymous said...

The waiver is if she doesnt choose to have a data back up done and she gets work done such as hardware stress tests that cause the drive to crash. This does not cover THEFT and data that is lost into the hands of a potentially harmful individual. XP passwords can be cracked easily. Vista can now be cracked to. Basically from what I understand they admit to having it been lost and even covering it up. She can get their records they are all kept. Just file a motion to see them. They didnt even work on it to do anything to cause the date to be gone. The lost the whole damn thing. And I have seen it happen before they are very disorganized and dont put very much money into orgazing one of their most lucrative departments

Anonymous said...

If I had the resources (legal and financial) I would have done the same thing and filed suit against Best Buy.

In 2003, I paid a premium price for a three-year extended warranty on my toshiba laptop, purchased from Best Buy. Oh how that salesman went on and on about what a great warranty it was.

When the laptop's hardrive had a catastrophic failure at 23 months, I took the machine to Best Buy (foolishly) confident they'd honor their warranty.

The short version: They refused to honor the warranty. I wrote letters and letters and more letters and then I wrote letters to corporate headquarters and then I simply gave up. I was beaten down and tired.

They won the battle and lost the war. I will never ever do business with Best Buy again.

I was recently married and when we needed to purchase a plethora of new electronics, we drove past two Best Buy stores in order to do business with Circuit City. It'll be a cold day in hell before I do business with Best Buy again.

While I think $54 Million is a bit much, I also think that Best Buy needs someone with gonads to stand up to them.

Rosemary Thornton
Norfolk, VA

Thomas said...

Get over yourself.

Your fight is now about the fight and not about the lap top.

Move on.

Anonymous said...

This lawsuit is beyond childish - it's insane.

In a world that wants to get rich if they fall on the floor of a grocery store..slip on a city side walk in the winter..or spill coffee on their privates while they manage getting into their car.

Anytime you offer your PC up for repair to a 3rd party, it is your responsibility to perform a data backup. You should also be aware that others will have access to your data while at BestBuy,..even if Best Buy did repair it on time and did not lose the PC! Whose to say that if you got your PC back in time and repaired to your satisfaction, that some BestBuy employee did not search your hard drive while it was being repaired?!!

Your credibility is lost. Your $54 is past insane..you're looking for a lottery ticket from your miserable lives.

Identity protection services are not so terribly expensive. Whose to say that they will not steal your identity without even using your PC? There is more than one way to do this! How are you throwing away all of your bills and bank statements? Are you shredding everything? Whose to say that some bank employee is not looking at your account info and not thinking that you may be an easy target. Blaming BestBuy for your unfounded insecurities is beyond pathetic.

I believe BestBuy handled this situation very well - you are not.

Anonymous said...

According to this article http://www.startribune.com/business/15571092.htmlyou already received $1,110.35 in compensation from Best Buy *plus* a $500 gift card. What more do you want?

Anonymous said...

54 million is insane, i agree with blackbob, you're entitled to no more than $20k.

Anonymous said...

3.5 years ago, I took my laptop in to Best Buy in Alexandra for them fix the keyboard which was coming undone. They outsourced my computer to 3 different companies, it got lost and finally returned to the store. They had fixed the keyboard but had fried my hard drive. All of my documents were gone. All I got was the run around from Best Buy employees. Every time I called the corp office, I sat on hold forever. Finally I just gave up and still never got one thing from them.

More power to your lawsuit and I hope you get some accountability from them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving yet more ammunition to the Tort Reform crowd! I for one think that ridiculous lawsuits such as this -- not the basis for it, but thinking you've hit the freaking lottery by asking for $54,000,000 -- should be a crime. As in deserving of jail.

Hope you don't get a dime after wasting thousands more on legal fees.

Now, if you would have asked for a reasonable amount, say $2,000 for a new laptop, $120 a year for 10 years for "LifeLock" identity theft protection or somesuch (I have no stake in LifeLock) for $1,200 more, $10,000 for software and data, plus say $5,000 for lawyer's fees and $25,000 in punitives (which is pushing it), for a total of just under $50,000, I'd be right with you. That's a far cry from your "I hit the LOTTO! Give be $54,000,000!" greedy money grab!

So I reitterate -- I hope you lose and lose badly! I HATE BestBuy, but might have to go buy something there today as a protest against your greed!

PS I give the odds that you'll actually approve this comment as about 1,000,000 to 1. Surprise me. I dare you.

Anonymous said...

Having done contract with with Best Buy Corporate in the past, I am totally behind you on this one. While 54MM is way too much $$, it does create the attention needed as BBY is one of the most unethical business's in America.

Their stores are run by idiots and many business managers & executives spend alot of time thinking up ideas to squeeze every dime out of customers.

BBY is rip off central. (not to mention that I need to drive by their eyesore of a corporate headquarters everyday)

Go get 'em.

Anonymous said...

Good Job. Tie up the legal system with this frivolous claim.

Do you feel good now that you have had yoru 15 minutes of fame?

You and all that "support" you are complete and utter idiots who do nothing but ruin this country.

Enjoy your 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Dave's comments are far off the mark. It doesn't matter if it was fixed in the store or out. An outside repsir place is still an "Agent" of Best Buy and Best Buy is fully responsible for that companies actions. It remains a Best Buy problem!!
Your 54M amount makes you look like the typical "Gold-Digger"!! Bets Buy was wrong in their response but so are you in your's!!

Mark said...

Don't understand why everyone is a victim. You should get compensated for your loss. 1500.00 should do it. Any more would be ridiculous. Just don't shop there anymore.

Why everyone has to sue is beyond me. Face the facts, things happen and just live with it. Move on for gosh sakes.

JB in MN said...

I have also had Best Buy fabricate documents. They pulled up a fake list and claimed something was compatible with my equipment when we didn't think that was the case, and we questioned that a number of times and requested a guarantee (which we were given) before purchase because we lived nearly 200 miles away from the nearest BB, and knew we wouldn't be able to return it within the return window. So the consulted their information to "look up the compatibility."
Needless to say, the information was fake, the part didn't work and I had to debate them to quite an extent when I tried to return it. The manager was called, but went over to a busty blonde in a very tight low cut shirt who was already being helped and ignored me, even though I was obviously waiting. When he finally did talk to me, he acted like a 9 yr old having a temper tantrum. He rolled his eyes at me, and made little scoffing noises after nearly every sentence. Then he called me a liar, said that the store hadn't been called in advance of me coming in (it had been, due the special circumstances of the return, and I was told over the phone that the return would be possible), and kept cutting me off mid sentence. I became visibly frustrated at that point, to which he scoffed a replied "You aren't going to get all emotional on me, are you?" He tried to walk away from me on at least 3 occasions while I was speaking to him and I had to ask him to come back and let me finish. In the end he claimed I was trying to rip them off (for only $35 on an unopened part for which I had the reciept from their specific store). I left the store with nothing but a headache.
I discovered the numerous friends and family members have had similar experiences. I haven't shopped their in over 6 yrs and encourage everyone I know to do the same.
A friend of mine who had formerly worked for BB confirmed to me that part of the reason she quit was because the floor staff lied to customers all the time and everyone knew, but didn't seem to have a problem with it.

Gail said...

I am with you on the boycott. My family and I all boycott best buy as well. I went through a bad experience with them as well. It took over 2 monthto get my camera repaired and after fighting with them they finally replaced it with a 'new' camera. It was actally a used camera that had been repaired. When I objected, they gave me a new one, then tried to make me buy yet another service cost. They told me I was required to do so.
Now, when ever I walk through, I tell people in line, once BB gets your money they will never be nice again! Buyer Beware should be their name!

Anonymous said...

Having previously worked for Best Buy, I am not at all surprised that you have 1) not only had problems, but 2) received some of the answers that you have.

Best Buy crams down their employees throats through "e-Learnings" the company's best practices, ideals, and code of ethics to supposedly lives by. Yet on the store level, I repeatedly saw managers argue with customers, employees simply walk away from even the most polite complaining customers, and an air in general of apathy.

If a sale went well, there was congratulations all around. If not, who cares, not my problem.

When I had the opportunity to bring some of the issues I saw to regional and corporate management, those representatives seemed very interested in what was going on, but in the end let the GM handle the issues which in turn meant nothing would get done or changed.

This also ultimately ended up in my resignation with the company because I supposedly had made the GM look bad and he made life miserable for me. My resignation which had been accepted at the time of submittance later turned into a termination because my two week notice and written resignation apparently wasn't adequate enough, not that anyone could tell me what else I needed to do to resign.

Needless to say, I haven't stepped foot in a Best Buy in 4 years. I hope that your experience resolves quickly and is fairly compensated. I am sorry that you had to experience what you have and I am glad you are here voicing the problems that exist with this company. I hope that you are able to reach many people and teach them not to trust Best Buy.

Anonymous said...

I've had problems with my local Best Buy. Instead of a lawsuit, I wrote a letter of complaint to the CEO, Mr. Anderson. I heard back from one of his henchmen. Anderson never saw my letter, and his henchman refused to acknowledge my issues. In other words, he blew me off. I now refuse to step into a Best Buy again. I've unsubscribed to all the email promotions they continually send me. I'm one of those customers that bought around $10K in products over the last three years and they still refused to help me. Like all other electronic box stores’ fate, Best Buy will be gone within the next 10 years to be replaced by an even bigger box store. Too many negative national news stories about this chain in the last year might push that 10 year window up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Well done. The $54mm figure has served its purpose -- news media is reporting on it. Those who believe that it is a serious figure don't get what you are saying/doing. I normally read things like this and consider the person a crackpot with too much time on their hands, or an attorney who just can't help suing for every little thing, but after reading your blog it is clear to me that you are an ordinary person who is doing what all of us wish we could do in response to egregious errors and intentional coverups by vendors. Good luck with your lawsuit and stick to your guns -- you are in the right.

Anonymous said...

While I detest Best Buy, I have to think your monetary demands are more about getting some quick dough than they are about reprimanding Best Buy. Why anyone would shop a store with their return and customer service policies to begin with is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Robert Delissio can not be trusted:


Fred said...

Once a gain Greed masquerading as a victim…

The only thing you are a victim of is your our laziness or stupidity.


Did you cash the Check?

Did you use the Gift card?

Grow-up people like you steal from all of us.

Anonymous said...

The two most recent comments by blackbob and Johnson seem almost incomprehensible to me. Have you two people actually READ the entire blog. She clearly states that yes, the 54 million is a ridiculous number, but clearly, she has a case. In the case of Mr. Johnson's remarks about who was at fault: This is simple. She consigned the computer to Best Buy itself for repairs. If they outsource, that is their choice. However, She is Best Buy's customer, not the outsource company that BB may have given it to. Therefore it is incumbent on BB to satisfy this person, not the outsource company. As far as the waiver is concerned, this person is indeed normally out of luck for the documents and data that she may have lost. However, it would seem to me that it would certainly be incumbent on BB to protect any sensitive material stored on the computer unless it was re-formatted and hence lost. Since they can give no proof that there was any service done on this computer at all in the short period of time it was in their possesion, a reasonable person would have to assume that her private information has been compromised. Again, BB's fault.

jayson said...

Your a dume ass. Get a new laptop till them you want 1000 points for Itunes and a new camara for your photos being lost. your are gready and it shows! Your computer was old and what person doesnt make a back-up of all there photos and songs maybe you should learn how to use a computer b-4 getting a new one. I know best buy sucks but you are being stupid and all these "GOD" people praying for you on here is whats wrong with the USA your all a bunch of idoits!!!
you said you want best buy to refund you for yout time. So you must have alotof time if you can make a stupid blog and post replys every few days! I hope the lawers are watching this cause it looks like you have a lot of "free" time!

Good luck i think $20,000 should make you happy!

Anonymous said...

You are what is wrong with the US. I cannot believe Chris called you a "consumer hero" you are worthless and are just tieing up the legal system.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry most people here don't understand the concept of punitive damages. If she sues for $20,000 do you think Best Buy will improve their customer service? It's a cost/benefit analysis for large businesses and corporations. That's the whole point of suing for such a large amount and the reason behind class-action lawsuits.

So this is completely different from a small dry cleaners on so many levels.

For those that want continued awful service from companies like Best Buy, attack this woman for suing for such a large amount. Corporations won't need to hire a PR staff because you're too stupid to realize you're doing it for them.

Anonymous said...

an eye for an eye?
ok, i understand they totally mishandled the situation and there should be some legal ramifications for what they've done, but $54 mil? don't you think that's a bit excessive?
i'm all for the little guy but you're being ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

BB should be accountable for your loss of property, time, and appropriate damages. But, there is suing for normal "damages" and then there is going over the top. I think you successfully went completely overboard in your suit like a normal greedy American. And for that, I hope you get nothing.

tAnYeTTa said...

what in the world???

you are seeking $54 million in damages???

i cap this loss at $50K the most and that's because I LOVE Circuit City.

how much is this lawsuit going to cost you to pursue? maybe you should rethink your position????

good luck!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

best buy sucks in general.

Anonymous said...

I've never had a problem with Best Buy or their warranty (and I have absolutely no affiliation with them at any point in my life). As a matter-of-fact, they have fixed/replaced many of my electronics with no questions asked. I'm on my 6th Xbox 360, and with the extended warranty, I just take in a broken one and leave with a brand new one. Same with my computers, DVD player, and camera. Sad that you've experienced this situation, but $54 million just reeks of greed and will ultimately hurt the general consumer public.

Anonymous said...

Capitalism sucks! Socialism Rules! We need a system where everyone recieves what they require, and ONLY what they require!

Hopefully, this lawsuit helps destroy Best Buy, and all other producers and distributors of frivilous consumer goods, and replaces it with an equitable system wherein goods are distributed by collective agreement and scientific analysis of need and social utility.

Twincitian said...

To folks who are complaining about the frivolous lawsuit - geez..did you folks read the article completely?

She mentioned that she is using the $54M number to get attention to her plight and she is getting it. She deserves all the attention.

To commenter Mike_Chihak: Dude, lighten up. Do you really think this is a frivolous lawsuit? Did you read that she is doing this to get attention? The amount may be huge but would you have read about this incident if not for that amount. Do you think other sites would have picked it up if not for that big amount? She is doing this to get the attention that she rightfully deserves. At least she is being frank with what her expectations are with the lawsuit.

I live in MN and I hate Best Buy for their customer service. And as you can see from the responses in the posts here and thousands of posts at http://redtape.msnbc.com/2008/02/a-lost-laptop-a.html
the best buy haters outnumber others by more than 100 to 1.

I use Circuit City, Ultimate Electroncs, Micro Center for my technology needs. You are better off at Ultimate Electronics where you can negotiate the price.


Anonymous said...

All good points and counter-points but keep in mind that most corporate giants have stockholders to report to and they must consider the bottom line everyday. We do the same things in our personal lives which is why a lawsuit should be filed against BB. This person has a case regardless of whether, or not, they backed up the system. Lies and deceit in this situation are not only unethical but illegal....maybe not $54m worth of illegal, but they already admitted in their letter to the BB attorney that the financial figure was overblown to make a point and to force BB to make their own changes. You can only hurt companies this big by hitting their wallets. Stockholders will freak and heads will roll, and hopefully positive change will come for the consumer. They haven't been unreasonalble in their requests for information leading up to this suit.

Anonymous said...

Wow, $54 million? I mean, I agree that this type of scenerio should happen in any way, shape, or form. I also believe that the refund they gave plus a gift card (to their own store) is no sufficent enough. However, it is not a $54 million mistake. What makes you think you are special enough to recieve such a sum? You are not the ruler of the universe and it is very selfish and self-centered to ask for such reperations. Honestly, I hope you get laughed at in court. As for all of those who agree, stop trying to be different and go against the grain. It is dumb to ask for that much for something that happens to a lot of people. You trusted a company with your laptop. A bunch of strangers at that. Why don't you go ahead and hand your social security card to a ex-felon along with your lisence and phone number. Would you sue them as well? Probably after hearing this story...

Nate said...

This is a good case for consumer protection.

Thanks for taking a stand!!!

stiksandstones said...

this story makes me so bummed out I just had a kid and this kid has to be surrounded by greedy lunatics like yourself. Yes bestbuy is a terrible business, but come on, 54 million. Karma is a b1tch
The only way I will stand behind you is if you sign a waiver saying if you win the suit, you give all the money to a legit charity.

Brian said...

It's not that her computer, time, etc, are worth 50 plus mil, it's that a vast sum like that, and all of the negative publicity, will make Best Buy change their ways.

I also think that you should pledge to donate half to a non profit related to identity theft if you win.

Good luck, and ignore the trolls.

Anonymous said...

Figure out what the limit is for small claims court in your jurisdiction. Corporations hate having to appear without counsel for small amounts and will settle pretty much for close to the limit just to avoid the costs of appearing.

Take the $20,000 and run. Then STFU.

Claims like this make it much easier for corporations to avoid real liabilities for real torts by using your case as an example of "Lawyers Gone Wild".

Nice work.

--bad dad

Anonymous said...

54 million, either your stupid or you think people in this country are stupid. I know you are mad at the way you've been treated, but 54 million does nothing except casts everyone else. It's selfish people like you who think someone losing your $1500.00 laptop is worth 54 million that are ruining this country.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE: Independently, Best Buy's corporate counsel sent an offer for $2500 in compensation, with non-disclosure and non-liability provisions and no offer to address the systemic failure in Best Buy's practices, i.e., the main motivation for my lawsuit.

You should have taken this offer...

How much do you think its worth for the 6 months of your life you have wasted on this?

Life is too short and you should know better than to think that a major corp is going to admit wrongdoing for the stupidity of its employees. The best you could have hoped for was a non-disclosure settlement which you were offered and turned down.

You may have been on the right side in the beginning and well within your rights, however, you have pushed too far now beyond any hope of resolution. BestBuy is going to win b/c they have time and resources to make you drop the suit and you will have accomplished nothing, including not getting your latop. $2500 was a pretty good offer imho...

You should have taken it and tucked your rightous indignation in your pocket.

I think the time has come to drop the suit and get on with your life.

Todd in Dallas

Anonymous said...

Your obscene greed tarnishes your integrity and credibility. Which is worse, their poor business practices or your self-promoting opportunism? You aren't just trying to teach Best Buy a lesson. You are trying to cash in. How American of you. Were you inspired by the guy who sued the dry cleaners for millions over his lost pants? If you think anything on your laptop is worth anywhere near 54 million dollars, then you were a moron for getting it fixed at Best Buy in the first place. Shame on you. Get a conscience.

Anonymous said...

Listen, I get it. Sometimes the bureaucracy of things get in the way of actually helping out the customer and this is one of those cases. But, I must say, this lawsuit makes a mockery of the legal system. It's on par with the "McDonald's coffee spilled in the lap" lawsuit that retrieved millions, but was ridiculous.

Let's learn from this one: Back up your stuff, everyone. And if a computer store loses your antiquated laptop and offers you a brand new one, take it. Bring it home, load up your backed up data on it, then you'll be better off than before. Seems simple to me.

Anonymous said...

If judgment is found in your favor, do you plan to use the money to repay all the individuals/companies/governments that you have willfully or negligently harmed in your lifetime? You seem to have such a strong sense of justice; I'd hate to see it stop after trial (and appeal!).

hoodie4u said...

not only did the frivolous lawsuit by the judge, over a pair of pants, include the same $54M claim, it also occurred in the DC metro area. these guys are whackjobs in their claims of looking out for the rights of other consumers. i hope this idiot ends up spending thousands of dollars of her money on this nonesense. and to top it off, the author of this blog is attempting to suppress negative comments regarding her stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Having read your side of this case on you Blog...

PLEASE get an Attorney to handle your correspondence with these guys! You need some help understanding the legal process if you hope to get a dime more than what they have already paid you in court. They are going to run around your arguments and win on procedure by getting your case thrown out unless you do this 100% by the book.

That said... You don't have a snowballs chance here. Best case I see is that you cost them a few tens of thousands in legal fees. They *might* decide to pony up a few more grand if you agree to settle out of court with a "non-disclosure" clause. But if they do it will be to save money over the legal costs of going to court, not because you would win.

If they offer you a dollar to settle at this point, take it, sit down, take down the BLOG and move on.

Oh and learn from your mistakes and keep good backups and don't put personal information on your laptop "in the clear" when it's easily encrypted. Computers break, hard drives crash and stuff gets stolen in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Get a life - you are so typical of the people we have in society today who want to blame things on everyone else.

#1 Whether you got a form or not its common sense and I am sure you know that Best Buy is not responsible for the information on your laptop. Don't play stupid!

#2 You need to get a life if you truely have spent 200 hours on this - absolutely idiotic!

Anonymous said...

Best Buy has terrible customer service. A few years ago we bought some appliances from them on their 'same as cash program', fully intending to pay it off in full after the time period had expired. They never sent us a bill, but did send us a late fee after we called to get them to send us an invoice. They then refused to waive the late fee. We refused to pay the fee. They tried to collect, and in doing so managed to violate the Fair Credit Collections Act. We sued under the act and received a judgement of $6000.00 which they were forced to pay. I will never shop at Best Buy again!

Anonymous said...

50+ million??? god i hate lawyers, and the people that hope to get rich from junk lawsuits!

Clumpy said...

The $54 mil suit is important to draw attention to her cause. She has stated that she is more interested in seeing the systematic incompetence in the system addressed than in the payout. If awarded cash, she should receive far less than her requested amount (half a mil to a mil at the most) but the high suit draws attention to the case.

Best Buy has been naughty but not $54 million naughty, at least to her. It might cost them $54 million to start hiring better people, though :).

Clumpy said...

The $54 mil suit is important to draw attention to her cause. She has stated that she is more interested in seeing the systematic incompetence in the system addressed than in the payout. If awarded cash, she should receive far less than her requested amount (half a mil to a mil at the most) but the high suit draws attention to the case.

Best Buy has been naughty but not $54 million naughty, at least to her. It might cost them $54 million to start hiring better people, though :).

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Don't let up!

Richard said...

I had a similar situation with FUTURE SHOP (Owned by Best Buy ) In Canada.

They gave me the run around for 3 months for a Stereo system that was in for repair. They gave me different stories and excuses until i finally got fed up. I went in there and spoke with about 3 managers and 5 staff until I finally got them to admit that my Stereo (3 months old and under guarantee) was stolen. Then they gave me a choice of 3 stereos to choose from, but not the original one that I had. It took me another hour to finally convince these morons that I am entitled to my money back. I have had many issues with Best Buy/Future Shop, but unforutnately in my area it is one of the few places we can buy electronics.

Q said...

Sounds like they screwed up royally. But $54MM? C'mon.

abby.albrecht said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was accused of stealing because I tried to return an item that had been mispackaged (ergo the no worky). I will not enter that store again. And I don't wish ill on the Store Services Manager (Best Buy 135). I do wish he gets relocated somewhere better suited to his skills... Maybe the Arctic?

Anonymous said...

Cool, so you're going to blow through $100k in legal fees to settle for $5k to make a point. Brilliant. And to make it even better, the employees of the company don't give a rat's ass what you win, because they'll be back to their minimum wage job tomorrow regardless of the outcome. Oh, and the evil corporation you're suing... will simply pass along the cost of your frivolous lawsuit to the rest of the consumers out there. Good job, moron.

Caleb said...

I fully support this lawsuit. Best Buy has the absolute worst customer service of any company i have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I will never buy a single thing from Best Buy ever again.

Matt Pettersen said...

I hate Best Buy. I will never shop there again. Their customer service is rotten. The quality of items is rotten. They are a total joke. Unless you enjoy throwing away money, I would advise not shopping there.

They don't even back their own long term warranties. EXCUSE AFTER EXCUSE AFTER EXCUSE.

I R A Darth Aggie said...

the value of the music, pictures, software, and other contents that were on the stolen computer

Let me get this right: you didn't make a backup of your data before handing it over to person or persons unknown?


First off, you should have been making semi-routine backups on occasion. If your hard drive failed, you would have found yourself in the same situation: everything lost.

Barring that, you should have made a copy of the hard disk prior to sending it out for repair. It isn't beyond the realm of believability that your computer would be returned with a blanked hard disk.

Further, since you had valuable files on that drive, you should have securely deleted them before allowing untrusted 3rd parties access to your machine.

Whether you use a tool like Eraser to wipe individual files, or a bootable CD like Darik's Boot and Nuke to annihilate the contents of an entire disk drive at once is a personal choice.

Frankly, I would have handed them a computer with a blank disk. I've seen way too many reports of people getting a "new" hard drive as part of a warranty exchange, only to find other people's files on supposedly "blank" disks.

Where you poorly treated by unconcerned cogs in a corporate machine? yes. Should they fairly recompense you for your costs? yes. Should they change the way the do business, or at least examine what went wrong and impliment ways to avoid making that mistake again? yes.

Is that worth $54 million? not a chance.

Anonymous said...

You are a nut job. Sorry you lost your laptop but that is no where close to your actual damages... I hope they sue you!!

Anonymous said...

YOu claim that Best Buy fixed your computer on July 4th,(you alluded to this in your timeline) problem with that is the store was closed on that date. You also received fair compensation in the form of $1,134,a nd a $500 gift card that you accepted, if Best Buy is so terrible why would you want a gift card from them? and i believe that by accepting their offer you waive the right to sue, and 54 million get a life. I have shopped at best buy and have never had any problems, does that mean they dont exist, not at all every company has issues, why dont you get more realistic in your "demands" or are you married to a judge that had his pants damaged. Its people like you that make a joke out of the judicial process, i hope BB wins just on principle

Anonymous said...

It seems like frivolous(ly valued) lawsuits are the only way to actually bring attention to these matters. Best Buy might cave if she sued for $10,000 + fees, but then what would change? Nothing. Their actuaries would chalk it up to a statistically acceptable loss that doesn't merit changing the inherent flaws in their system.

Screw 'em!

Anonymous said...

I find it laughable that you would even think about suing for such a ridiculous amount. You seem to think you are some sort of hero and you are trying to make a point. The only point you are making is that you are selfish and not as smart as you think you are. The courts will throw this out, you will look stupid and Best Buy would learn nothing from this. you best course of action would have been to find similar people with a problem such as yours and class action it to have them change their practices. But instead, you have to go and try to get rich quick while wasting the courts time. Even though I dislike Best Buy, I hope the courts decide to make you pay court costs and punish you for a lawsuit as stupid as this. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

You need to get a life..i only wish i had enough time to waste someone else time like this! People make mistakes, get used to it.

lightchasr said...

I've had several positive experiences with Best Buy and I much prefer their service to Circuit City's. However, anytime I hear the name Geeksquad, it's usually in reference to sketchy service or flagrant misuse of other people's computers. I would agree that 54 million is extremely inflated, but perhaps that's what's necessary to wake BB up! Best Buy needs to be held accountable for Geeksquad's failures.

Dan said...

This suit is simply ludicrous. Even if you have a legitimate claim, you are simply a money grabbing slug. This reminds me of the claim made by the lawyer in Washington DC about the lost pants at the dry cleaners. Hmm.. You are from DC, aren't you? You aren't related to that gentleman, are you? You aren't a lawyer or work in a lawyer's office, are you? Getting 3x the cost of your laptop seems very generous. Stop your whining and take it. And if you want to protest against Best Buy, just don't buy from them, don't sue to put them out of business. I hope the judge throws this out as excessive.

I suppose you would support someone suing for using a lawn mower as a shaver, or for sticking their finger in a light socket. Get a life. Get some common sense and sense of fairness.

ARI said...

Yup, just tie up the whole legal system on another frivolous lawsuit. I guess Washington DC is home to these. Didn't some lawyer sue their dry cleaner for 11M in Wsashington? Are you a lawyer too ?

Anonymous said...

Get over it lady. You got your money back...the end. Shit happens....don't be a professional victim. $54mil....get serious.
You must be a democrat.

Captain America said...

You're sad. The founding fathers of this country who made REAL sacrifices for freedom would cry if they saw the legal system being so abused.

People like you drive up the prices of products too. What if you win every penny? You think Best Buy will just say "OK, we learned our lesson. Here's a check."???

No. They will say, "Well, I guess we lost that one. We gotta pay for it somehow. Raise prices."

So I am paying for YOUR ignorance and greed. Thanks a lot.

Eple said...

Im sorry, but this is plain silly. How on earth can anyone justify a lawsuit for 54 million dollars on a computer. Ok so they screwed up some at customer service, but bloody 54 million for that.
If this will pass it must cause hawock in the US. Suddenly there is no margin for any company to have failures like this. Thats just insane.

You are one greedy pathetic Human beeing. 54 million? For nothing. We should sue America itself for allowing such shameful embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Best Buy may have lied and treated you poorly, but you are responsible for the data on your computer. If there was sensitive information on it, you should have cleared it off before leaving it with them.

Anonymous said...

You are obviously a person with a strong "victim" mentality. Get over it and stop acting like a fool. We are all laughing at you.

Lex Lesotho said...

It is very clear that when you submit a computer for repair that you need to back up all the information on it due to the possibility of data erasure or physical loss/removal of components. Best Buy is not responsible for it.

You will lose your case and hopefully it ends up costing you more than the more than gracious sum you were given due to Best Buy mishandling your system.

How sweet would the irony be if the employee that stole your system turned it in to the feds who then turned around and sued you for pirating software and music.

People like you are what is wrong with our country.

Anonymous said...

Best buy got me good. I had an issue with the geek squad and my digital camera. I bought the "extended plan" and they kept it long enough and then returned it (not fixed) right when the plan expired. I have since been dealing with Circuit City ! The Best Buy store manager said go ahead and shop at Circuit City.. $4,000 later I still am. Wilmington Delaware customer

Anonymous said...

I'm in the market for a new plasma TV. I wasn't sure where I was going to buy it until I read this story. Now I know I WILL buy it from Best Buy. You're an idiot. Take the money and the gift card you already received and go away. Being mislead by store employees does not entitle you to 54 million dollars. Just be an adult and deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Some lessons you taught us:

1. Backup your data.

2. Choose your repair providers carefully.

3. You are among the most greedy and unreasonable people on earth.

4. Anyone who chooses to do business with you in the future, repair your products or interact with you in any business context is a moron.

Metro City Mayor said...

This is just the same as that IDIOT judge and his pants. When will people learn that the legal system is NOT an alternative to the Lottery.

While i think you should be compensated for the lost laptop and the time. There is NO WAY on God's green earth that you deserve this.

You are a pinhead. The scary thing about this is that there may be a goof ball judge and a jury full of imbeciles that think, "Yeah. this is legitimate".

In the long run, if you were to win this ridiculous lawsuit, the one's that will pay for it in the end are regular consumers.

Grow up.

Brandon said...

I feel your pain, really I do. But the amount of money you're suing for is just absurd and makes a complete joke out of the legal system. Do you honestly believe that your time and Best Buy's deceit is worth that amount of money? Please.

Like a previous commenter pointed out, if you dropped your laptop off for repairs at a store you had to have signed a waiver saying that BB is not responsible for any lost data or software. Your legal actions on those points are null and void thanks to a signed contract. Probably should have read the fine print and you probably should have backed up your stuff as any savvy computer user would tell you.

For future reference, though I doubt you need it at this point. You (or anyone for that matter) should never buy a computer from Best Buy, or any big electronics retailer for that matter. Buy direct from the manufacturer or smaller authorized dealers. You'll still get approximately the same price and better service.

Anonymous said...

"I hope you sue the pants off Best Buy and win. They deserve it." -Chris

Yes, Best Buy, who provides jobs for thousands of people, not to mention treats their employees better than most companies in the world. And you know what? You're part of a small, small minority of people who have a problem with Best Buy--I've turned in many things for service, and it's all worked out great.

"How utterly shameful of them! Good for you. It's always reassuring to see people take corporate indifference to task.

God speed!"- The Convicted

Yes, how utterly shameful of them to offer her the full worth of her laptop, plus an additional $500, even though she signed a waiver saying she wouldn't hold them responsible for any data lost.

"I sent my laptop for service to repair a battery and explicitly stated in the repair form not to replace the hard drive. They replaced the hard drive. I lost all of my law school outlines and papers because of their complete disregard for following my orders. Best of luck." -anon

Yes...it's their fault you didn't backup any of your files onto, oh what are those things called today--CDs?

"I was told the 30 days window on returns had elapsed. it was sealed in box with a BB receipt, but they refused to yield to common sense. so i haven't shopped there ever since." -anon

I believe that "yielding to common sense" should've been on your end, since you had thirty days to return it to the store before you finally decided to do it. Also, the return policy is on every receipt.

"Big business needs to be taught a lesson in honesty and customer service. Keep up the fight." -Jeff

So lessons should be taught by one person suing for $54 million dollars? You're kidding, right? Actually, you are right. Big businesses should be expected to operate at 100% efficiency with absolutely zero unhappy customers. The company should give $54 million to anyone who is unhappy with Best Buy.

"Just because they are a Twin Cities giant, they think they can walk all over their customers. I wish they would be forced out of business." -anon

Actually, if you know anything about economics, you don't wish them to be forced out of business. And by "walk all over" do you mean "offer incredible prices for the merchandise?"

To Summarize: I am not an employee of Best Buy, nor have I ever been. They are merely a company trying to succeed, and anyone in business will tell you it all comes down to customer service. Overall, they have great customer service. This lawsuit is ridiculous and any judge who hears the first ten words of it should throw it out the door. I hope they countersue you for legal fees and you lose.

Of course, let's see if you're "courageous" enough to post this.

Robert said...

Congratulations and my full support!!

I had a similar problem about 3 years ago. I settled for a new machine (didn't loose any data) but experienced the systemic fragility and inability of Best Buy's extended warranty business to solve problems. I have written ryan.eddy@bestbuy.com, jmervis@mervislaw.com

and let them know of my support for you and my poor experience with Best Buy's service program.

Full support to you Robert rbbox5-ncc@yahoo.com

nate said...

Sooooo let me get this straight, you need 54 million dollars because some 20 year old kid at best buy lost your laptop? Seriously?

Im sorry you received such poor customer service, but why don't you do what EVERYONE else does when they get poor customer service? Stop shopping at best buy.

Stop bitching about identity theft, that crap is so overblown, if you are truly worried, change your bank account and credit card account #'s. Ya know, like the same kind of thing you do when you lose your wallet or purse.

You wont ever get that kind of money from best buy, but lets say you did get 54 million from them. Where is that money going to come from? Do you think they will actually take a profit hit because of your crappy law suit? Hell no, they will just fire a few hundred people.

Your ego and greed are disgusting. I will be happy when this lawsuit is dismissed.

Joe Guru said...
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Anonymous said...

get a grip trick. you're part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

You are RIDICULOUS. A $54 million dollar lawsuit?

While I agree that you are entitled to some compensation, you have went overboard. You HAD a valid claim, but asking for $5,000 was still pushing it. They gave you a very reasonable resolution. NEW replacement laptop and a $500 gift card. Maybe you are entitled to expenses you will incur to set up a fraud alert and protection case of identity theft, but I pay 13.00 a month for that. Lifelock only costs $10.00 per month which, if you do your math, is only $100/yr. So you really are entitled to MAYBE $300 extra.

It is your fault that you did not have back up files!

I hate people like you who try to profit and sue major corporations that have deep pockets. You aren't really concerned with what you lost, you are more concerned on how to make a a quick buck. You are a disgrace to take up valuable court time. Maybe if you were a reasonable person this would have been resolved

Jason said...

Go get em!

I had a very similar experience with Best Buy about a two years ago. Brought my laptop in to them for minor repairs, they returned it dead and claimed pre-existing damage. When I got a second opinion and researched it - turns out my hard drive was replaced with a defective unit. As a former political activist, with literally thousands of identified contacts on my hard drive, the situation just made me feel sick.

The worst part though was their response. Not only did they never admit to losing my data, they never even admitted to damaging the computer. They declined mediation through the BBB and my state Attorney General's office, before I finally took them to small claims court and won. In the end I got no damages - just the value of the the computer and court costs. And it took six months to just get that.

I blogged about my experiences here:

Since this incident I haven't spent a dime at Best Buy, and I never again plan to!

Aebren said...

I am all for large corporations to live up to the task in claiming responsibility for their own actions.

It is highly unlikely that the Geek Squad employee intentionally "lied" to you about your laptop, and even if they did, the loss of your laptop was not intentional. Companies occasionally have situations where they have internal issues and such situations like this, may occur. In Best Buy's case, it sounds it's more often than others retailers. I seriously doubt that the Geek Squad employee or employees were really looking to intentionally cause you grief as they likely to have been fired by Best Buy due to this incident.

In my honest opinion, and being completely unbiased, I believe you are not owed the amount of money you claim. Here are the reasons why.

Let's take the amount of your claim and devide it with the amount of hours you have had to deal with your issue (which you claim was 200 hours).
$54/200 = $270,000.00 an hour

You are definitely not worth $270,000.00 an hour unless you are Bill Gates with a cure for cancer or A.I.D.S.

Identity theft? Unless you are an Ex-Enron executive, I really doubt you have $54 million in cash or the credit line to come near that amount.

The replacement of your computer and it's contents which included the following:

Music: Likely illegally downloaded MP3's which if I got lucky to find your computer, I'd love to send that directly to the R.I.A.A.
Pictures: Sorry Charlie, I have experienced data loss in my past directly associated with my job and have since learned that there is such a thing called a BACKUP.

So far I am still not seeing why you need to be compensated.

You state that you wanted to be compensated under $5k? How much was it really? $4,999.00?
I have a feeling that you tried to skate away with over the amount you really deserved (the cost of the computer ONLY) and huffed and puffed when you couldn't get it.

I expect your claim to be completely dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Good for you. I am not a fan of lawsuits, but for those with the gumption to overthrow the bean counters who would try to pacify those they have wronged and then lie, cheat and steal to cover it up, something needs to be done. I am glad you have the gumption to go the distance. Best Buy will surely have to revisit their practices now. In addition, you are shining a great big light on an area of ignorance for many people, that their computer is not a safe place to store personal information. If you want it kept private, keep it off your computer!

Anonymous said...

you have nothing here, they already got you what you originally ordered and a gift card for 500 bucks. way to screw up the legal system in this country even more! Thanks to people like you, we continue to pay a higher price for goods and medical bills.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you go back and read the posts. It's all explained there.

Chuck said...

54$ Million? This isn't a pair of pants. There are people in many states that have award caps because of litigation like this. Yes, they owe you for your laptop, time and nerves...but anything over several thousand dollars is just trying to make a point. This isn't what the legal system is for. If you were looking for say...8k...I would be supporting your effort.

There was a 10yr old girl in Florida a few years back who needed an organ transplant. The hospital screwed up and gave her organs of the wrong blood type. She died. Due to "award caps" put in place by the Bush Administration, the family was only able to collect $250.000.

While I appreciate the point you're driving, people will rightfully call it a frivolous lawsuit, and then draft laws to prevent them in the future. You and that guy with the multi-million dollar pants. These lawsuits eventually take away awards that are due to people or families that were actually injured or killed.

Think about it. Is it worth "the point"? Is your laptop worth having a law changed that ultimately protects people?


Anonymous said...

are you too lazy or just too cheap to register an actual domain name?

Mr Right said...

Hmm, seems pretty petty to me.. Everyone with any sense at all can do a small amount of research and relise that Best Buy Geek Squad is a horrible place to bring your computer and best buy in general is a bad place to buy anything from.. anyone with any sense that can do some basic research can find horror stories all over the place.. I think this lady is an quite an idiot, I hate when people just sue endlessly for mistakes they could have fixed before they even happened, a bunch of weak sorry humans we have become, I think we need to go back to the day when people had to work 15 hours a day just to survice, not enough time in the day to be so blatetly stupid.. I pitty you sad human..

Anonymous said...

I admire your guts. You did the right thing. It is not about money, it is about making a statement. I wish there are more people fighting bad service we receive every day

Karl said...

I don't think you needed to sue for 54 million to make your point. I think 20k-40k would have been sufficient. The problem with these type of outlandish law suit is that makes you look like a gold digger, even though you CLAIM its not about the money.

Pete said...

I hope best buy files a counter claim against your for their legal fees. They've already offered you a settlement that you accepted ($500 + the original cost of your laptop). If I was a judge on this case I'd rule that as the case was already settled out of court.

As for them only reimbursing you the amount you paid for the laptop, you're lucky you got that. Without knowing how long you've owned it, you don't get reimbursed in court for the replacement cost. You'd get an agreed value of the computer, basically, just like a car, once you walk out that door it depreciates in value. It's now considered a used laptop and the value of it is based on that fact.

Again, I hope they sue you for their costs.

Chris said...

You are what's wrong with the world.

Eddie D. said...

One day man will evolve to the point where we can finally answer the question, "Why do people still shop at Best Buy?"

Anonymous said...


Minneapolis/St.Paul area has caught wind. Make sure they don't slander you.

Nathan said...

good job! I sent in a toshiba sattelite laptop in for a loose power input ( something I would have fixed within 25 minutes if it didn't void the 3 year replacement warranty best buy offered). 1 month later, I called to ask about the status. They told me that they shipped it to their repair center and it should be another 2 to 4 weeks until it would arrive at my house. 2 months later, I walked into best buy -Dublin CA to see my laptop stacked in a pile of broken computers. Nothing was fixed. 3 weeks later I get a phone call from toshiba Corp, telling me that they lost my laptop. 2 months after buying another laptop from alienware, I get a package from toshiba with my still broken laptop. I saughted the power input and the motherboard together, found out that they wiped my hard drive clean (reformatted) , and sold the darn thing to my brother for the low cost of a 3 year warranty from best buy. I hope you win. I hope you win big!

- nathan s.

Anonymous said...

You make me sick.

Anonymous said...

You are doing much more harm to your case by filing this lawsuit. You are plugging up the already $*C&ED up legal system with this nonsense.

Yes, someone screwed up. And yes, the employees and manager(s) need to be punished. But PLEASE leave it at that.

To be honest, it's your own fault for bringing a computer to Geek Squad to get fixed in the first place. Find a reputable local PC store...much better service, and lower cost.

Instead, you are going way over the top, and looking like an idiot.

Carlos said...

What are you gonna do with the $54,000,00 if the total amount is awared to you?

Please donate to charity and keep enough to settle legal fees and enough to buy another Best Buy laptop

Anonymous said...

To be perfectly honest, you have been for a good while asking way to much. The laptop cost $1200. I am estimating up seeing how you claim it is eleven hundred something. That is what you are owed. Okay, security software. $49 for antivirus and antispyware software. Geek Squad charges $59 to install. That would be... $108. So $1308. Past that what software did you purchase that can't be transferable to a new computer without a simple call to the manufacturer, if that is even needed? Data... should have been backed up. When you sign the service disclosure there is a clause that states Best Buy/Geek Squad is not liable for data loss under any circumstances. You signed that paper, which might I add also states that you should back up your data in capital letters. I would say $200 sounds like a more than fair ammount for your time, seeing how a lot of this time that you wasted carrying around this loaner or what not... was due to your own fault. You kept asking for more and more and would never accept Best Buys offerings. You were at $2500 already early in to the ordeal... which is WAY to much for this situation. Then you moved to $5000. Later you started asking for more in the thousands. I'm sorry but for your own mistakes, Best Buy should not have to pay. They should pay for the laptop(which they did and have been offering for a good while), the software installed AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE, and a true compinsation for your time, not some bloated figure that you think you can fight to get because issues like this have turned in to money makers before, why can't yours. Come on now. Not to mention that you keep claiming that the laptop was stolen, when most likely it was lost in shipping... this happens not only at Geek Squad but with product in any shipping transaction. It is more common than you think.

Anonymous said...

Completely supportive of you in your lawsuit.

To the people who are commenting on how high the number 54 million dollars is, you seem to not understand the point of punitive damages. The point is no longer about compensating the victim, it is instead about creating enough of an incentive for a major corporation to change its policy.

The penalty must be high enough so that it will cause the corporation to change it's tactics. And for a corporation the size of Best Buy, that number is going to have to be measured in at least the millions.

How worried would you be about getting a parking ticket is instead of $50.00 the fine was ten cents?

Anonymous said...

Hope the judge in charge has the cahones and throws this case out.

Anonymous said...

Bestbuy sucks and they need to hurt whenever they can. They need to pay a price for the ridiculous level of service they provide to their customers. They need to pay for treating their customers like shite.

Having said, that, you should know better than to NOT back up your data. If you are this thorough about suing a company, you should be a bit more diligent about backing up those photos, music and "software". Keep in mind that the laptop could've been stolen anywhere or destroyed accidentally and you would have had yourself to blame for not being responsible enough to back that data up.

Mike said...

$50 million????? Are you stupid?

Anonymous said...

I understand how upset you are, but come on...$54 million. Your lawsuit will come off as a joke. You are not teaching anyone a lesson, only making a mockery of our legal system.

Anonymous said...

When people want to make a point whey do we have to be stupid about it? There is nothing wrong with reasonable compensation but 54mill is way out of line and the ridiculousness of the amount takes from your goal in the matter. I'm more perturbed about the amount of the lawsuit than what actually happened.

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself already.

There are real problems in this world. This is not among them.

Jack said...

Just to let you know that laptop that you bought 3 years ago for X dollars is not worth X dollars today. It's the same as the car industry. An insurance agent is not going to offer you $18,000 for your wrecked 1990 Miata. You'll be lucky to get $1000.

Having your $54 Million dollar data not backed up is, for the most part, your own fault.

ogman said...

You're an idiot and you'll soon be viewed in the same light as the "pants judge" that you seek to emulate.

Anonymous said...

i was mildly amused by reading the "timeline" of this biatch who thinks BB should compensate her
<$5000 just because someone lost her 1 year old laptop. they already gave her 1100 and 500 gift card, which is more then I would deam for, if they lost my crap ...she needs a mental exam for getting revved up over some junk property and being perpously difficult and carring on after being compensated. clowns like her are always out to prove some dumb ass point to someone, out to scam stores, trying to be crafty and leverage the stupidest everyday stuff like a lost item, thinking they will profit off of it.. i despise ppl like her

Graymerica said...

two words

"Summary Judgment"

google it.

This case has no chance

Dave said...

I know that the monetary amount is just to make a point, but I applaud your efforts. I just completed a 6 month ordeal with this 'company' over a television set that they finally returned unrepaired after 6 months because they claim the manufacturer no longer makes the part (why this took that long I don't know). Everyone I talked to gave me a different story; store manager was an absolute waste of space, the teenagers that they staff their stores with are of no help. I complained eventually the BBB - they actually have a Geek Squad Public Defender's office at their corporate headquarters, who simply lied to the BBB. I hope this trainwreck of a store shuts down, I know I'm voting with my wallet.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to get a life.

Anonymous said...

You really need a reality check. Backup your laptop and encrypt your data. Never keep sensitve data on your laptop if sending it out for service. The techs snoop through everything. My exwife keeps sick pron picks of herself on her computer (I found out because she asks me to fix this and that every now and again). I don't say anything too her, but I know one day BB or some other service engineer will find them and the next thing you know they will be all over the net.

KEEP sensitive DATA on an external disk drive. Back that up to DVD. Encrypt the external disk or use BitLocker from Vista. Lock the DVD backups in a fire proof safe. Never let browsers cache your passwords or personal information.

If you do not do this, then you are the only reason why your personal information was stolen. You are the only reason why your data was lost. You are ultimately to blame. Remember laptops can be stolen too..So you better get some disk encryption software and or keep all sensitive data on an external drive.

You maam, are a moron and shouldn't even own a computer.

Dave Campbell said...

Go get em, and ignore the fools that want to sell out our right to HOLD THIEVING CORPORATIONS LIABLE FOR FRAUD.

The fools herein that dont understand should realise that we left England over the EXACT SAME THING. Thieving Corporations in cahoots with the King to defraud people.

Unfortunately, its so endemic that most of the readers think its normal and acceptable.

Probably the same fools that think Mc Donalds shouldn't have been sued for hot coffee, regardless of the fact that Mc Mucks willfully and knowingly allowed a hazard such as water the same temperatue as dish washing water (160*F) to be served to customers, and in the face of repeated warnings from Employees and Customers, which they ignored.

I found Worst Buy to be a den of lying salesmen and thieves right off, and refused to do business with them. HP Direct got my laptop sale. Others aren't so lucky.

Ive made a real hobby taking corrupt corporations down, its too easy, because/when they know its so. They are an easy target.


Having spent 20 years in electronic consumer service, and have seen every dirty game played, especially by Sears, these fall right in with them. It usually revolves around simple incompetence and poor communications of store employees.
of course, the Corporation in its "cover our asses at all cost" mentality, automatically covers it up. Normal.

Anonymous said...

Haha.. You accepted payment in exchange for the lost laptop. Can you say, case dismissed!!

Anonymous said...

I AGREE WITH YOU and support you 100%! I can't stand Best Buy after one of their "uneducated" sales staff tried to push me into an extended warranty for a CD player that cost me less than $40! I told him, "come on, the warranty you want me to buy costs more than this CD player". His response, "it is still a good idea"! I JOIN YOUR BOYCOTT and as of this moment WILL NEVER GO INTO a Worst Buy again! Thank you for what you are doing, and ignore the negative posts here. It is people like you who pave the way for change!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your suit, two year ago I had a Best Buy Employee (Tri-County Store, Cincinnati Ohio) lie to me, when I got home I realized what had happen then next morning I took the item back, they wanted to charge me a $100 re stocking fee. Even after the employee told the Manager what he told me and that it was in correct.

Dave Johns, her data wasn't lost, her laptop and the data was stolen! Dave, which department at Best Buy do you work at.

Blackbobcreative, I'm sure she'll take the 20grand

Anonymous said...

Making a claim that someone knows is not backed by the law is sanctionable by the court.

Because you admit you chose that number "to get attention", hopefully you will be sanctioned.

Greg said...

You obviously have no respect for our legal system. If you don't like Best Buy, don't use them anymore. If you have a legitimate claim against them, sue for the amount that you are owed. Not $54 million. All that does is clog up the courts, cost taxpayers money, and inconvenience people if by some chance this goes to a jury trial.

Anonymous said...

having worked for them i can tell you that the incompetence at best buy is legion. just try to get someone at the store on the phone or when you call their tech support someone who actually knows about computers. maybe this will knock some sense into them but i'm doubting it. they have done far worse.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely deranged. To think that you'll get any more than $25-30,000 out of this is ridiculous. Go cry to someone else. Use the $1,600~ they gave you to replace your laptop, realize that Best Buy isn't at fault for this, and drive on. I got blown up 11 months ago, but I'm not suing the government for $54 Million just because I no longer have a left foot. Stop taking life for granted and move on.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck in your lawsuit. I have had uniformly terrible retail experiences with Best Buy and now make all of my tech purchases from online retailers like NewEgg, CDW, Amazon, etc.

To those who complain that those 54 million dollars will be paid by consumers: there's not a chance that the eventual reward will be anything close to that. The amount is that high to attract media attention to Best Buy's horrendous practices, and it appears to be working.

I'd expect the final payout to be much more reasonable, and I would expect the overall costs to consumers to go down, not up, if Best Buy cleans up its act and eliminates the widespread, systematic corner-cutting alleged to take place at the expense of its own customers.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for consumer advocacy, but you're losing me here. Yes, you were treated most shabbily. But how, in a legal sense, did what Best Buy offer you not make you whole? I'm not following your claim, whether it's $10,000 or the one you've attached to the lawsuit, for publicity, not legal purposes.

Kevin said...

Well I came here thinking you were a nut.....after reading your story I changed my mind...these big corporations have no clue what customer service is...so they screw a few customers...who cares...that's the way they think.

Someone said that the amount was a ridulous amount...but thats the only to draw attention to the problem.

Good luck in getting a fair payment for you loss of not only the computer but your time.

Affiliate Blog said...

What a foolish waste of time for the legal system!

You should have spent a few bucks on an external hard drive, so you could back up your data.

Then you wouldn't have to file frivolous lawsuits.

Christie said...

I had a bad experience with Best Buy as well. I've been boycotting them since then. I wish you the best with your lawsuit. It's just a horrible company with NO customer service.

Christie said...

I had a bad experience with Best Buy as well. I've been boycotting them since then. I wish you the best with your lawsuit. It's just a horrible company with NO customer service.

Anonymous said...

Its about time someone has done this. Best Buy may have the best prices but their customer services are less then pathetic. After going thru similar experience where i had my computer fixed 4 times over 6 months for problems that were all related, they tried to say their "lemon law" did not apply. After involving a lawyer, they finally compensated me for lost time with my laptop and for a new lap top. Too little too late, Best Buy, open your eyes and treat the people who keep you in business with some respect!

The Commish said...

The lesson to learn here is that when you hand over a lap top for repair, back up your data and remove critical data from the hard drive.

The woman who is suing is a fool, refusing to take responsibility. Had she done the right thing, then she'd be out nothing and in fact would be ahead of the game with a brand new laptop.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good fight!
The arrogance, attitude and deception I have experienced i.e. dual websites (one in-store one on the internet with different prices on goods)and the "Geek Squads" willingness to take a new from the manufacturer computer and "make sure it runs properly" makes me a non Best Buy shopper. Waivers do not sign away your privacy rights when deception is involved and you have already stated that the amount (57 mil) is only an attention getter.

You are my consumer hero!

Good Job!!

Bill Keskey

Dincubus said...

well let me say this.. after the hell i went thru from best buy i have emailed every best buy addy i can find with support for you

Anonymous said...

I hope best buy will counter sue!

Anonymous said...

Ok what an unfair Suit this is!

Your laptop was lost, they gave you a new one and a $500 gift cert as an apology.

As far as the data goes, you were responsible to back up your own data.

The truth of the matter is that the Employee of Best Buy was either uncertain of what happened to your Laptop or was too afraid to face you.

And you accepted their apology by accepting their laptop and their gift card.

If you win, then we are in deep trouble with justice system in this country!

Kevin said...

I have never been more frustrated in my life than when I was trying to get my laptop serviced by the Geek Squad at Best Buy in Apple Valley, Mn. As with you, I was repeatedly lied to about the status of my laptop and the extent to what repairs were done. Lie after lie after lie. I couldn't for the life of me undertand how that sort of culture is allowed to thrive.

Here's a link to my blog and my frustrations associated with that experience.

I'd agree with others who say that the amount you're sueing for is excessive but I like the idea that what you've done is shining a light on their practices.

Take it to 'em!

Justin Zollars said...

I'd help fund your lawsuit! I hate Best Buy. They are robotic, rude and insensitive to customer needs.

I had a major problem with them this christmas and after letters, numerous complaints and phone calls - the problem is still unresolved.

This is a horrible company and I can understand your situation.

Anonymous said...

Well if there is a hell, expect a seat reserved in the front row for you. GREED is bad.

Anonymous said...

Though I believe that the $54M is quite excessive and may blow up in your face, I applaud you for taking on BB and their crappy business practices. Personally, I stopped using their services many years ago because of just such incidents as this.

Ignore the small minded, ignorant people who can do no more than call you names. It is the likes of these “internet warriors” that have emboldened BB to feel that they can get away with this kind of crap. I’m sure that if they were in the same situation they wouldn’t have the stones to step up and be heard, they would just take their gift cards and slink off into the dark to lick their wounds.

Good Luck,


Anonymous said...

Are you completely retarded? 54 million dollars?

It's people like you that cause companies to have to buy billion dollar insurance policies, and pass the expense to the consumer, just to protect themselves.

Quit trying to retire off of a simple mistake, you greedy, gold digging bitch.

Anonymous said...

I hope Best Buys crushes you. Its a ridiculous amount of money to ask for, and you don't deserve it.

Firestarter5 said...

I've had no problems with Best Buy. Love their stores. Good prices as well.

Sorry to read your experience with them didn't go as well.

Anonymous said...

They sent you money which means they admit to wrong doing.

catfish182 said...

What will you do with the money?
are you going to keep it? If you draw up a contract (or something) saying that you will give all but 50,000 to worthy causes then i could MAYBE support you. the only good thing you are pointing out is how bad geek squad is but you are still responsible for your own data. if you dont protect your self that is not their problem.
This is whats bad about computers now is the uneducated buying them and not wanting to protect their investment.

Steve said...

Best Buy is liable for the stolen data because they willfully accepted the laptop into their possession thus becoming liable for its contents. No different than when my credit card company keeps my personal information and then their tapes or data is stolen. According to the Identity Theft Task Force, Best Buy assumes responsibility (corporate disclaimer or not) when they accept the equipment.

Not returning the data because the drive has been formatted is different than not returning it because it was stolen.

I have had my own issues with Best Buy. I once brought in a laptop with a bad hard drive (it was under warranty). I'm an IT Manager so I had removed the drive to test it in an enclosure, and wrote down the drive info (model and serial). After two months of waiting for my laptop I got it back with the same issues, just reformatted. Best Buy claimed they replaced the drive however the serial number of the "new" drive matched the "old" drive!

James said...

I hope they bury you you dumb bitch.

Anonymous said...

No lie, you're an ass. I see how you are aggravated, but seriously. 50-some mill? Get a life. Sure they lied to you, but 50-some mill? They offered you more than double the cost of your stupid laptop PLUS 500 bucks on a giftcard. That would be enough for me. Given, I probably would rip the giftcard up, but c'mon. MORE THAN DOUBLE YOU PAID FOR THE LAPTOP. Get a freaking life. You just want to be rich.

keMo` said...

I agree you've got every right to be upset & even sue, but what you're asking is not just excessive, it is ludicrous

Anonymous said...

What are your plans to do with whatever sum of money you may be awarded?

If you plan on keeping the sum outside of reasonable expenses you will be nothing but a greedy bitch.

Allan said...

When you say this lawsuit is ridiculous, you say that without considering this..

Example, Best Buy is Big Business
to get through to Big Business you need a Big Lawsuit
Frankly, people act like Best Buy is one person.. Obviously, don't sue one individual for 50 million, that is just greedy.. but an entity.. Well.. The way they act the lact of direct relations between investor / owner and customer / purchasers leaves them in a position to exploit customers.. done constantly by big business throughout the world.. So simply, this lawsuit is justified and no one expects millions but justice is expected and $1500 or a new laptop and a couple thousand is not enough.

NH Mind said...

"Campbell said that she doesn’t really expect to get $54 million, but chose the amount to attract attention to her case. It’s the same amount a D.C. judge sought against a dry cleaner last year that lost a pair of his pants."

You are now the defacto poster child for tort reform and deserve the same fate as the pants guy.

Dan said...

Best Buy sucks, but so do you for wasting the court's time.

You are not a victim, society is for having to put up with you.

Anonymous said...

I worked at Best Buy HQ briefly in 1998. When they couldn't keep me busy the first three months on the job I resigned. Best Buy had the balls to actually threaten a lawsuit against me to recoup all of their hiring costs even though I was an AT-WILL employee and they were an AT-WILL employer. They will NEVER be forgiven.

I am not surprised at all by their arogant actions. But I also think the idea of a 54 million dollar lawsuit just for noteriety is just as lame or worse.

Way to stoop to their level.

Anonymous said...

Having a laptop stolen is not just about physical property, who knows what personal/private data was left on there and is now accessible to whichever scumbag(s) pilfered it, anyone who thinks this case is as silly as the pants one needs to get a clue. Good luck with the case.

Anonymous said...

Only 54 million? I would have asked for at least 55.

Anonymous said...

Good job!

To all the haters who question the $54M amount, to heck with them. Big amounts get big attention, and that's what this needs.

I bet Worst Buy wishes they hadn't pushed so hard to get you to buy the extended warranty!

My $1,000 digital SLR died two months out of Canon's warranty period. I had purchased the extended warranty from BB. It took them nearly a month to fix what a competent camera shop could've done in an afternoon, and everytime I called for status, it was the "just shipped" or "waiting on parts."

And to address all the haters who say, "shoulda backed the data up, dumb bitch," get real. I work in IT, and I've dealt with many computers that just plain won't boot. Hard to hook up an external hard drive to something that won't boot, now, isn't it? It may not have been possible to get personal data off the laptop before taking it in for repair.

And as far as $54M goes, none of us would be here, realizing that my camera repair, or someone else's DVD player repair, or other Geek Squad misfeasance isn't an isolated incident, if this was simply a $5,000 small claims suit. This will be settled, and for a small amount, but Best Buy policies of screwing over the customer are writ large for all to see.

Anonymous said...

best buy lost my son's laptop a couple of years ago. It was allegelly found 4 hours after a best buy VP (I emailed the night before) got involved. He received a new laptop and $50 gift card but still had to pay a $50 service charge.

Vic said...

If I spent this much time pursuing customer service screw jobs I'd have to make it a full time career. Crappy warranties and shoddy support are the price we pay for cheap products, and sub-standard quality is inevitible with mass-produced technology. Get used to it or go nuts. Or join the Amish.

Anonymous said...

It's people like you that drive up the prices for EVERYTHING! Because of idiotic lawsuits like this businesses all have to carry excessive insurance to keep from going broke over a minor incident.

Thanks for nothing you selfish, ignorant buffoon!

Dauger's World said...

Good luck! Best Buy has gotten worse and worse over the years and needs to be thinned from the corporate herd.

Stevie said...

I had a very similar thing happen to me when I checked my HP Pavillion dv9000 into the Geeksquad location at the Best Buy Store in Hamburg Pavillion, Lexington, Ky. I was informed that my computer would be repaired within 10 days. It was sent to the Louisville, KY repair center. 10 days passed, and I called the store to check on the status. They informed me that the computer was waiting for parts. I asked them why I was not informed of the delay, and they had no response. I asked them to escalate the repair order. They informed me they did. I called 3 days later. The computer parts were still on back order, I asked for the order to be escalated again, and asked them to inform me if there were any more delays. I called the following day, they said the parts were in, and the computer was undergoing repair. I called the next day, they said there was no update. For the next 3 weeks I called daily and all they could tell me was there is no update on the file. I went into the store, after seeking legal counsel, and asked for copies of the escalation orders. They could not provide them, and said that no escalations showed up on my account. When there was finally an update on my computer, (nearly a month after computer was checked in), the update was that computer had been repaired and was pending shipment. I called the store and asked for a tracking number, they were unable to provide one. I called the next day, and they gave me a tracking number. I checked the tracking number and it confirmed delivery back to the store where computer was dropped off, nearly 4 days ago! The computer had been returned to the store 4 days without them knowing about it.

This beats all...

I turn on the computer when I get it home, and it crashes. Geeksquad had replaced my motherboard with a faulty motherboard, and didnt even reinstall the operating system.


Anonymous said...

This was sort of like my problem with Circuit City. But They damaged my laptop when it was being repaired by them, Then they tried to blame it on me. I was on the news and I took them to court and they settled the night before the court date. Check out the news story.


Anonymous said...

Yet another example of a litigation happy society this country has turned into.

Clogging up the system with frivious lawsuits drives up costs for everyone - - it all comes out in the end, and it's usually the consumer who ends up paying the price, eventually.

And make NO mistake - your lawsuit is frivilous, self-centered and greedy.

Suck it up and buy a new laptop and get over yourself.

M. said...

Way to stand up to these criminals! Good work.

Mister said...

Wow, so many of you have so much to say, yet you sign "anonymous". Go figure.
Lots of armchair lawyers on teh internets as well, as we can all read here by the sycophantic corporate dribble some seem to just beg to spew forth.

For those of you who can't seem to read:comprehend, the $54M is a point being made with no expectation of collecting. The $500 "gift" card was donated to charity you mooks who can't read, and $1100 is fair to some of you for this?
"Hey we lost your laptop, maybe it was stolen, really we don't know so take this check for the depreciated amount and stfu"
I guess many of you would bend over and take that crap. YOU are the reason my blood pressure is elevated, because day in and day out I have to walk people through their "jobs" and essential tasks related to it because you're so goddamn simple-minded you screw up, someone else screws up, and all you can say is "meh"

Take this lawsuit and cram it down their goddamn throat. Everyone crying about this and that, well where is your internet rage from the last 8 years of this presidency? The Katrina debacle? Enron?

Buncha ostriches if you ask me. Don't affect you, don't care :/

I hope you win, and from what I've seen you donate a good chunk to some deserving charities.

F Best Buy

Anonymous said...

I used to work for BBY Corporate.

Let me just say that they give not a squirt of pee for anyone stupid enough to spend money at any of their stores.

We had copywriters constantly calling out ambiguous or downright illegal language from warranties, to sales terms, to pricing.

Legal let almost everything go through and after same copywriters complained, they were fired, Including one who was 9 months pregnant.

Best Buy is the worst company doing business in the retail field today.

Everyone should avoid them at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I couldn't read through all of the comments but for all those that immediately attacked the dollar amount (impulse) you obviously did not read any of the blog. RCDC clearly states her thought process and intent on the entire lawsuit. The $54 million is in punitive damages which will certainly not be awarded but it does cause one pause when considering the case.

As opposed to the DC judge lawsuit, that was against a small business and clearly came from a person of questionable mental stability. In fact the judge was fired for his obvious misconduct and incompetence. In this case the detail is well laid out and persuasive. I am not sure if RCDC needs a great deal of legal assistance because she is obviously an intelligent and motivated person.

As for a settlement, Best Buy will ultimately settle our of court with RCDC if they come up with a reasonable offer. I do not think the offer has to be a huge monetary sum for her but more likely something that includes some type of corrective action strategy to ensure that this type of situation is avoided in the future. In fact any major corporation should look to assuage the concerns and legitimate complaints of its customers.

Last but not least, two things. First, Best Buy is not going to raise their prices because if they do then you just go to Circuit City, Costco, Walmart, Target, wherever. They offer nothing unique. Second, to the person that said Best Buy isn't open on July 4th, what are you smoking?

jchowdown said...

Good luck with your lawsuit!

Any Mom & Pop electronics store would've bent over backwards to make sure you were satisfied.

Companies like Best Buy will never respond to a complaint like yours unless you hit them where it hurts and wake up its stakeholders. They seriously need to learn some humility.

It's time they remember that their well being depends on our well being.

Jon said...

A clear sign of greediness when people look for the quick buck against corporations that fuel the economy.

Anonymous said...

right on! go get em!

Anonymous said...

What a complete waste of space you must be.

I bet you're the same dumbass (or from the same gene pool) that tried suing McDonalds for burning yourself with a "hot" coffee.

A typical US "sue the ass" off anything that moves.

Yes name them and shame them and get them to admit in public that what they did was wrong, but $54Million?

Do you realise the amount of time and money you are wasting over your laptop.
There are millions of people dying of starvation and disease in 3rd world countries and all you can do is worry your pathetic self over your lost laptop.

It's about time you got a reality check and woke up and smelt the roses.

You just add disgrace to abuse of the US legal system.

richard said...

Best of luck to you =P

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