8/24/07 Letter to Best Buy Tenleytown DC Customer Service Manager Michael French

(sent via registered mail on 8/25/07)

August 24, 2007

Mr. Michael French
Customer Service
Best Buy
Tenleytown DC (Store 801)
4500 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-4628

RE: repair order # [OMITTED]; complaint case #[OMITTED]

Dear Mr. French,

I am writing to request your assistance in resolving an issue related to a computer that I entrusted with your store for repairs.

By way of background, I purchased the computer (a Compaq V2570NR) with a 3-year parts and labor coverage plan on 1/15/06 at your store. I returned it to your store for repairs in late May of this year when the power on/off function stopped working, and was told by the service desk that it would be shipped out to Geeksquad for repairs. He estimated that the repairs would take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, and advised that I would be called when it was ready to ship.

After not hearing anything for over 5 weeks, I visited your store on July 1 and was told by the service desk that no information could be found in the computer. I was given a service order number (OMITTED), and instructed to verify status through the Geeksquad website or by calling their customer service line.

According to the website the status of the computer was “checked in at store” and there was no indication that it had been sent for repairs (see attached). On July 11, I contacted the Geeksquad helpline and was instructed by “Agent David Goodfellow” that it would be “ready within days.” I called the service line again on July 19, and was told by a female “agent” that the computer appeared to be at the “Louisville Services Center since July 4”. On July 25, I called again and spoke with Brenda, who transferred me to Daniel. Daniel confirmed that a “part had just been ordered. It should leave Louisville soon.” When I stressed that I had already been waiting for 2 months for the computer, he suggested I contact Best Buy customer service. I did so, and was told by “Will” that he would file an escalation.

When I heard nothing further, I called the Geeksquad yet again on August 7 and spoke with “Ashley.” When she could not confirm any additional information, I asked to speak to a manager. I was told that the manager, “Marsha,” was in a meeting. I asked her to call me ASAP. My call was not returned, so I called again on August 9. I explained the whole situation yet again to “Cicero”, who indicated that there seemed to be a problem with the order (“it never appears to have left the store”), and said that he would be filing a complaint (39781346) and sending an inquiry to the store for an immediate response. I asked him to find out why I had been consistently misled to believe that the computer was being repaired and shipment was imminent, when that clearly was not the case. He contacted me again on August 10 and 11 to let me know that the store contact (Robert Delicio?) had indicated that the store not been able to locate the computer. Cicero informed me at that time that he would be sending me a gift card to cover the value of the computer and additional compensation for the music and photos that had been on the computer at the time that the store lost it.

Two weeks have passed since then and I have received no gift card nor any follow-up calls from Best Buy or Geeksquad regarding resolution of this issue.

During this time, I have tried calling your store to discuss this matter, but have not been able to reach but one person – Jamal, who gave me your name when I pressed for the name of the customer service manager for computers.

In order to resolve this issue at this point, I request:

• A check mailed to me by August 31 in the amount of $2,110.35 to cover:

o reimbursement for the purchase price of the computer and the service plan $1,110.35, per attached receipt). I have no desire to ever purchase any products from Best Buy again, and I assure you that I will never, ever utilize a Best Buy service plan after experiencing the carelessness with which you handled this service request.

o Compensation for the direct expenses related to the music and photos (many of which are irreplaceable) that were on the computer that was lost by Best Buy, the significant amount of time that I will have to expend to reacquire and replace the music and photos that were on the computer, the significant amount of time that I have wasted being lied to by Best Buy and Geeksquad employees in the process of trying to track down my computer over the last 3 months, the costs that I have incurred utilizing internet cafes and other means while getting the 3-month runaround about the status of the computer while it was entrusted to Best Buy for repair, etc.

• Confirmation of what type of investigation has been conducted and what charges have been filed in relation to the loss/theft of my computer at your store.

If I have not heard from you or received a check by August 31, I will be filing a suit to claim the above and other compensation for any additional expenses incurred, and will be contacting the authorities to request that criminal charges be filed related to the “disappearance” of my computer while in the care of your store.

Sincerely yours,

Raelyn Campbell
[address omitted]

1) Geeksquad website “service status” report
2) Copy of 1/15/06 purchase receipt