10/19/07 Response from Best Buy Tenleytown DC General Manager Robert Delissio to Friend's Support Email - I

> Subject: RE: Raelyn's B-day Wishes: Best Buy/Bad Buy Boycott>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 18:18:37 -0500>
From: Robert.Delissio@bestbuy.com>
To: [omitted]

> Mr. [omitted],

> Good evening. I am the new General Manager for the Best Buy in Washington, D.C. Although I can not discuss the situation with other customers I will say that any customer that has had an unsatisfactory experience in my store I have done what I could within reason to rectify. Customers have, on occasion demanded unrealistic compensation. For one customer who may have an unpleasant experience I can give you hundreds who love the service and experience we provide. I understand the importance of customer service and have brought that point of view to the store. Does the store have opportunities? Absolutely! But I will address each situation and give it the attention it requires. Some customers I have found can not be satisfied. I do hope that you will allow the Tenley Town store the opportunity to continue to provide you with the service you should expect from any retailer. If by chance you come to the store and do not receive this service I would hope you would seek me out and bring that to my attention. I want to thank you for your time.

> Thanks
> Robert Delissio
> GM- Store 801 Tenley Town

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